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8:30am - 17:30pm
Monday to Saturday


Credit approval is based on market value of collateral based on model, manufactured year and present condition of the asset (car or motorcycle).

• National ID Card.
• Vehicle Registration Document
• House Registration Document

Interested customers can contact the nearest branch or contact at 02-9542906 or 02- 580 4488. Initial process include customer submitting all documents for credit approval and bring their asset (car or motorcycle) at the nearest branch. Once application is sent credit department will review the loan application and approve for the loan.

Credit approval process takes between 30-45 minutes if client submits all documents correctly.

Maximum loan amount for car is set at 500,000 Baht. For motorcycle maximum loan amount is set at 70,000 Baht.

Transfer of ownership is not required for loan approval. The asset ownership and asset still belongs to the customers during entire loan period.

You can apply for the loan without pay slip but it is recommended to have a bank account.

Installment period for motorcycle can range from12- 36 months while for car can range from 12- 60 months.

For installment payment please see information provided in the customer support page.

The company has 64 branches in Bangkok and in adjacent provinces. Business hours are from Monday- Saturday 8:30am – 5:30pm.