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High Finance Amount


A car valuation is the best way to find out the value of your vehicle. Car valuations often take several factors such as mileage and service history into account before resulting in a final price. You can value your car in seconds by simply entering your car details in a Carbuy Form.

Getting an accurate estimate of your car’s value is essential if you are looking to sell your car, ensuring you get a fair price for the vehicle at resale. While many businesses offer quick and free car valuations, they often don’t take factors such as mileage, condition or previous owners into consideration, resulting in a valuation with little substance behind it.

With TNB Carbuy you  can get your car valuation quickly , our car experts will provide accurate and reliable valuation, plus you can choose to sell at the end of the process if you’re happy with the valuation!

Your car value is determined after we collect various pieces of information about your car’s condition and history. Once we have these details, we quickly combine them with automotive industry data such as market value and demand, to provide you with your instant car valuation.

Remember, we give the most accurate car valuations possible using the information provided to us in our short online form, so be sure to be as specific as possible when it comes to the condition of your vehicle.

Our online car details submission form is incredibly quick and easy to use. To make sure you breeze through this quick and simple car valuation process, we recommend you have the following details to hand:

• Your car’s model and built in year
• The current mileage of your car
• The number of previous owners your car has had
• The service history records that you have (E.g. Full, part, none)
• Your name
• Your email address
• Your postcode – to find your nearest branch
• Your telephone number

Your car valuation is valid for 3 days meaning that you can visit any TNB branches within 3 days and get the price that you were quoted. Once you book your appointment and bring your car to branch one of our experienced VP’s (Vehicle Purchasers) will inspect your car to make sure it is in the condition you say it is.